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Locksmith Lock Store Los Angeles, CA 310-844-9294The lock and key industry has evolved at an unprecedented pace and most of the innovation in the industry has come in the way we lock our cars. You no longer need to use a key to open a door, simply press a button on the key fob and the door will unlock. Keyless entry keys and high-security keys have become very common and almost every modern car has these modern systems preinstalled. These systems are complex but they are prone to vulnerabilities. That is why you need to have an auto locksmith on call for any kind of emergency and day to day locksmith needs. Locksmith Lock Store is one such reputable service that operates out of Los Angeles, CA.

Why Locksmith Lock Store is better than your vehicle dealer?

A car dealer may seem like a valid go-to solution provider for your lock and key needs but what you don’t realize is that you will get unresponsive service, unwanted delays, and a fat bill in your mail at the end of it all. Since a car dealer’s core business does not involve making keys or helping locked out customers, they are bound to charge a premium when they are actually called out for such a service. Locksmith Lock Store being a locksmith firm, deals day in and day out with lock and key issues and that is why we are faster, more reliable and cheaper than your car dealer.

Leave the challenges to the experts:

Our auto locksmith experts can help you out with a wide range of services. We cover everything from simple repairs to unlocking trunks. Our team has a diverse background and some of them even have advanced degrees in computer science that enables them to program transponder keys with remarkable ease. Some of our most common service offering includes:

  • Lockout assistance – We can get you out of a locked car or get you in when you are locked out
  • Key cutting service – Transponder key or your vehicle’s trunk key, our experts can cut new ones on site
  • Lost key replacement – Get an exact replica of your car keys, no matter what type they are
  • Lock repairs – Call our experts to have a look at your malfunctioning locks and fix them at once
  • Ignition repairs – We can replace ignition switch/cylinders and repair any other ignition problem

Call us on 310-844-9294 to get an auto locksmith to your location within minutes.