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Locksmith Lock Store Los Angeles, CA 310-844-9294There are many scenarios that can lead to a residential lockout. You walk out of your home to pick up the morning newspaper and the door closes behind you. You return home from a hectic day at work only to realize that you have forgotten the keys to your home at the office. All these situations are plausible and can happen with anyone. That is why you should save the number of your local locksmith on your phone. If you are in Los Angeles, CA, then you can call Locksmith Lock Store. Our services are available 24/7 and we have helped uncountable customers during residential lockouts.

We at Locksmith Lock Store understand the delicate situation that a lockout can lead to. A lockout can happen at any time and can drastically affect your schedule. That is why we offer lightning quick services for people stuck outside their homes. Just call us and we will reach you in 15 – 20 minutes, even if it is 1 am in the night.


A 24-hour emergency response:

The most appreciated part of our service offering is our 24/7 availability. Even if you call us at an odd hour and you will be greeted by a warm and friendly voice at the other end. One of our team members will leave for your location the moment we register your query with us.

Professional Locksmiths:

If you hire a locksmith who breaks open the lock instead of expertly opening it without damaging it, then you don’t need a locksmith’s assistance, you can yourself break the lock. Our professional locksmiths not only reach your location the quickest but we also make sure that we damage the lock while opening the door.


You will only be charged reasonable prices for residential lockouts. In fact, you will be charged pre-decided prices for all our services, including emergency services.

Fully-equipped vans:

But how do we respond to customer calls so quickly? All thanks to our investment towards setting up the biggest fleet of mobile locksmith vans in Los Angeles, CA. Not only are these vans quick, they are also stocked with cutting edge tools that our experts use successfully to solve everything from residential lockouts to programming transponder keys.

You no longer have to wait for sunrise to get a locksmith to your door to help you out in the case of a residential lockout. You can call us anytime and our technician will at your doorstep in no time.